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What We Do

No two children are the same, and we strive to create individualized plans that will ensure the highest level of success for your child. Our highly trained ABA therapists work under the direct supervision of a BCBA in your home and/or community. We emphasize coordination, communication, and expertise. 

Our Model

We emphasize natural environment therapy that focuses on socially significant behaviors. Each program is implemented by caring professionals trained on your child's individual program. To maximize results, Behavior Analytic Services of Connecticut brings a focus on the entire family and emphasizes a consistent approach across parents, siblings and therapists. 


Our Team

By bringing together highly qualified BCBAs and experienced ABA therapists, we provide your child with the most intensive and effective behavioral therapy. We work on various skill sets including but not limited to; behavior reduction, social skills, feeding, language development, independent life skills, and community integration. 

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